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Service and Repair

If your air con is faulty or on its way out, this can make your life very unpleasant at work, or while driving. Over time your air con will require a service or repair as they can break down or run out of gas. Problems such as leaks can be difficult to find, and so in order to have your air conditioning performing at its best, you may need a re-gas or repair from the experts. Our skilled team have all the right tools for the job, no matter the size or type of machine. We come to you fully equipped for the task at hand, so you can rest assured a fast and trustworthy result.

Our Highly Skilled Team

The highly skilled team at All Terrain Auto Elec have the skills and know-how to fix your air con problems. We work on all types of vehicles or machinery and are able to diagnose, identify and resolve any issues fast. Whether you have an old or new system we can fix it. If you have a small car, large car, truck or heavy machinery, we have you covered. Our services are specific to the type of vehicle or machine that you have, that is why we are your one stop shop for all your air con needs.

Fully Licenced Through the ARC

The Australian Refrigeration Council is the top body for the refrigeration and air con industry in Australia. The ARC governs handling licences to professionals in the refrigeration/air con and auto industry. Our team of skilled experts are licenced through the ARC to ensure our work is of the highest standards. If you need a service, refit or repair of your air conditioning system, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with All Terrain Auto Elec.